Monday, September 23, 2013

Day 98 - More rain

Another grey, affectless sky nearly all day. I saw my shadow for maybe 15m, but otherwise, just blank white sky. It was an all day poncho day, with non-stop drizzle. Around 2pm, the rain really started to come down, then switched to snow and thunder. We debated camping early, but decided to press on as the rain let up.

Oddly enough, some kind of yellow jacket or hornet bit Gangles during the snow. Usually you have either bugs or precipitation, not both.

Around 5pm, the rain began again, I worried that this was the big thunderstorm which had been predicted for today. We got lower, around 11,000', below treeline, and camped immediately. Now, listening to rain on the tent.

No photos today, too wet to have the camera out. Sending thoughts and prayers to everyone in CO, hope this one isn't too bad

Mileage: 21mi from beyond Windy Pass to before Lujan Pass

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