Monday, September 16, 2013

Day 91 - Staying low to Twin Lakes

This morning, we woke up at the North end of Leadville. We had fled here, chased down by the thunderstorms on the divide, and had to figure our way back on trail in Twin Lakes.

Gangles' hip was really hurting, probably an injury from our long road walk yesterday. We had a leisurely morning, and she iced her hip, which helped tremendously. I did feebly try to get her to zero, since it was the sabbath, and football was on. She was unswayable. So, we hiked out.

Leadville is an adorable town, with a bustling downtown. We picked up a cup of coffee for the walk, and it was the best cup of coffee on the entire trail so far.

The rest of the walk was uneventful, and dull, following the road to Twin Lakes. We were hit with two hours of steady cold rain, coming down from the Divide. We had agonized about where we would get back on the trail, but due to weather, decided to take the low route. This was the wise course of action, since the Divide was socked in dark clouds all afternoon. When we heard the thunder, we were sure we had picked the right route.

The rain let up about an hour North of Twin Lakes, and we were just starting to dry out. We thankfully got a room and are in for the night. We'll check the weather, and make a final call on if we'll take the Collegiate West route (official CDT, mostly above tree line, spectacular) or the Collegiate East route (official CT, mostly below tree line, safer) in the morning.

Thoughts and prayers to everyone in CO who has been affected by the rain. Stay safe.

p.s., Definitely in the bubble. In the register, big gap between the last Nobos, and the first Sobos. Just a few ahead of us. Hope to see more Sobos soon

Mileage: 18mi from Leadville to Twin Lakes

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