Thursday, September 5, 2013

Day 81 - Grand Lakes, finally

We woke up this morning to the sound of nothing. I had expected lingering rain, but it was thankfully dry, We packed up in the dark, and started our climb up to Bowen Pass, our last major obstacle between us and Grand Lake. The climb was uneventful, no one in sight, only fresh elk scat for company.

Met Brian (Bryan?) and Teri (Terry?) today at the Rocky Mountain National Park sign. Gangles was doing her daily good deed, and offered to take their photo. Though instructed specifically not to do this, Gangles may have snapped a photo which included Brian's very white tube socks. Brian and Teri are visiting from the Chicagoland area, and touring the Rockies. And they are nice, like Midwestern nice. I confirmed this with MN-born and bred Gangles, who agreed.

Brian and Teri took their kids to CO years ago, and always said they'd stay at the Grand Lake Lodge some day. I think the timing didn't work out, but the did go visit the lodge. It was so nice to meet them today at the sign, and chat for a few minutes. We said our goodbyes, at the edge of the park.

As Gangles and I were approaching town, we saw a familiar white pick up truck parked at the outskirts. It was Brian and Teri! They wanted to wish us luck on our trip, and insisted on buying us lunch! We refused, but they insisted. Amazing, and so kind. Real trail magic. If you're reading this, thanks for the delicious ribs.

We're in for the night, like most people here in CO--it's the beginning of the NFL season, and the Broncos vs. Ravens is the headlining tilt. Lots of state pride, so many Broncos t-shirts and jerseys. Some businesses even have signs noting that they are closing early for the game today. A small minority of people in town are bound for the local repertory theatre, which is running a production based on the life of Johnny Cash. Colorado has something for everyone.

p.s., Good resupply at locally owned Mountain Food Market. Thanks.

p.p.s., Enjoy the photo of Gangles a) gnawing on a rib bone, b) playing a harmonica shaped like a rib bone, or c) rolling a stogie made of ribs

Mileage: 19mi from near Bowen Pass to Grand Lake, CO


  1. Of course! I should have expected that osteo-musicologist was one of your many skills. Hope you and KK are doing well!