Thursday, September 5, 2013

Day 79 - Climbing climbing climbing

Nothing much to report on today, but a lot of climbing. Gangles' stomach is "twisted" by the big change in altitude from Steamboat, so she's looking sluggish. Getting used to the elevation is terrible, though Gangles is feeling it more than I am.

It's also hunting season, so a little frightened by the number of people waving crossbows in the woods, and never sure where they are. Some terrifying camouflage panopticon, amplified by my own fear. Reminds me of being on the AT, when townspeople would tell me about the "hill people" who were probably watching me through binoculars, "Deliverance"-style.

The daily afternoon thunderstorms are definitely real, and in full effect. Since we've entered CO, I spend a few hours every afternoon anxiously watching the skies, and debating pulling out my poncho, pitching the tent, or just running.

What mostly redeems this though, is the stunning views. We are on ridges most of the time, with clear 360 degree views.

Mileage: 20mi from Jct w 700 to beginning of climb to Parkview Mtn

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