Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Day 100 - San Juans, second try

We left Gunnison this morning, dry and refreshed. I bought a few new items to keep us warm, even in rain or snow. Namely, I now have a longshoreman's cap (just like Maron's), and a pair of neoprene gloves which are meant for deep sea fishing. At least if my hands get wet, they'll still be warm.

Feeling optimistic, we caught two hitches to the trail. The first hitch down US 50 was with a fellow backpacker. The second hitch down CO 114 was with Josh, an elevator repair tech headed to Alamosa. He was very handsome, like a sturdier, X-Games Ethan Hawke. They got us back on trail by 11:45am, and it felt good to be back. There were literally no clouds today, save one tiny patch of puffs, which were burned away by the sun. What a difference a day makes...

The terrain was smooth and gently graded, mostly on old forest service roads. We were in excellent spirits. Good day for our 100th day on the trail.

Happy day, happy hiking. Feeling good again.

p.s., Just poked my head outside the tent, and can see so many stars. Even the Milky Way. No clouds means no rain!

Mileage: 20mi from CO 114 to near Cochetopa Creek

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