Monday, September 30, 2013

105 - Creede Cut-Off by the numbers

Miles hiked on Creede Cut-Off: 45

Miles "saved": 115

Net miles "saved": 70

Sketchy crossings of Goose Creek which required crawling: 2 (1 icy log, 1 burned and bent log)

Trekking poles permanently lost to said sketchy crossings: 1

Blond elk trotting across the trail: 5

Piles of animal scat on trail: 24

Piles of steaming animal scat on trail: 1 (Lynx)

People other than us on trail: 0

Vertical elevation gain: 3,000+

Snowballs found in tent made from last night's frost: 1

Pictures taken by Gangles of the stunning views in the San Juans: 124

Pairs of handwarmers used in past 24 hours: 6

Blowdowns on trail: Hundreds and hundreds

Oreos (Doublestuff, obvi) consumed: 17

Times we cried: 0

Hours lost in woods: 3.5

Miles per hour: ~1 :(

Today on a scale from 1-10 (1=boo, 10=yay!): 10 (surprisingly!)

Mileage: 14mi from past North Lime trailhead to Archuleta Lake

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