Thursday, September 19, 2013

Day 93 - Mirror Lakes

We woke up a few hundred feet below Lake Ann Pass, with a lovely view of star-shaped Taylor Reservoir. Since we were just around 12,000 feet, it was a brisk morning. The hiking was beautiful and meandering through the majestic Collegiates.

We did make it down to Mirror Lake just as the sun was setting. I saw a large moose bull with a full rack of antlers, but he startled and ran off into the brush. The campground was relatively primitive, nothing but flat spots to tent. As we were pitching, I did notice a large white RV not more than 100' away. Apparently, Gangles saw this from the pass, but I do have terrible vision.

I went over to say 'hello'. If we end up tenting near someone, I think it is good policy to introduce ourselves. We met a lovely couple from Denver. Gerry and Brenda have been coming out to Mirror Lakes for 28 years. They started with their boys, who are now grown and mostly moved out of CO. We sat by their fire, and chatted with them about their life in Denver, their time at Mirror Lake, and the surrounding peaks. They've climbed them all. When the boys climbed Emma Bird, they would lay their orange and yellow jackets in a snowfield near the peak, so Brenda could see from the bottom that they were ok. Brenda and Gerry were interested in our hike. They had just seen a PBS special on the CDT, so were well-versed in trail culture. They knew we were hungry (or we must of looked pretty scrawny), and were kind enough to grill bacon cheeseburgers for us. Brenda kept trying to feed us, but we have plenty of food. She made us a bag of wonderful treats, with cookies, chips, cheese, candy, and some literature for later. They were truly wonderful people, and it was a blessing to meet them.

The sky looks clear for now, so this might be our first dry day on trail.

Mileage: 21mi from Lake Ann Pass to Mirror Lakes

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