Friday, September 13, 2013

Day 86-89 - The great flood in Boulder

We only planned to stay in Boulder for a zero. Got in Monday night, back on the trail by Tues night, or even Weds morning. But then, Boulder was hit with the storm of a lifetime, the worst rain in 100 years. Patrick's street turned into a river, with rocks, and even a legitimate boulder coursing downhill.

The rain pinned us in Boulder for four days. The house flooded, and we helped Justin and Jordan evacuate their chinchilla and python upstairs, along with everything not nailed down in their rooms. Apparently, after we went to sleep last night, the boys did a bucket brigade to bail out the flooding basement. Exciting but not fun.

But, we did have a good time in Boulder, despite the rain. We spent some quality time with Patrick and his roommates. I got a haircut. We had family dinner. MK's mini-me, Cheyanne, discovered a spring-fed creek in the parking lot of Cosmo's Pizza. Gangles and I wore cotton for the first time in months. It was as glorious as it sounds.

So, glad we're back on the trail, starting the next section to Twin Lakes. Hope everyone is safe and dry.

Special thanks and love to Patrick, Sam, Cooper, Jack, Jordan, Justin and the sump pump for their hospitality. It was a blast living the life of a BMOC at CU. Go Buffs!

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