Monday, September 30, 2013

Day 103 - Hibernation

When I looked at the weather this morning, it was a rain cloud icon for today, then a string of suns for the next week. We decided to preserve the dryness of our gear and our mental sanity, and zero.

We spent the morning chatting with a great crew of other hotel guests visiting from Arkansas. We talked about places they've been, things they've seen, what they've done.

Fascinating anecdote #1: One guy was a college football player, then busted his knee. Since he couldn't play football, he took up the much safer sport of rodeo. Career highlights include broncos, bulls, clown, broken arm, leg, collarbone and neck. Photo attached of said gentleman dressed as a rodeo clown, riding atop a bathtub filled with flour (to resemble smoke) atop a bucking bull.

Fascinating anecdote #2: Same guy, always wanted to be a street busker. While visiting his daughter in the Bay area, he bought a $4 Coke in cup, and went to play at the intersection of Haight and Ashbury. A woman came by and dropped a quarter in his Coke. Net earnings as a musician: -$3.75

Mileage: 0mi, Sanity +3, Gear dryness +0

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