Friday, October 25, 2013

Day 129 - Pie Town!

I did not relish today, 32m on a mostly straight dirt road to Pie Town. The occasional passing car kicked up a huge plume of dust. One white truck stopped, and J.J. Henio introduced himself. He's half Apache, half Navaho and manages the road conditions. He gave us his address and asked us to write to him at the end of the trip so he knows the dusty hikers he met, did indeed make it all the way to Mexico.

Otherwise, not much of note. We gratefully filled our water bottles from the Thomas Mtn Ranch spigot. We stopped or lunch there, at the halfway point, 16mi done, 16mi left. John and Angie Thomas weren't there, but we had their vocal and amorous donkey for company.

I was bone tired as we kept walking. My feet are sore from roadwalking on hard baked sand. To keep our spirits up, we listened to the 5 songs, and 2 podcasts I still have on my phone.

We arrived around 7:30pm at the Toaster house to find Skarkle Cat. Home sweet home.

Mileage: 32mi from Pie Town Rd to Nita's Toaster house

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