Saturday, October 5, 2013

Day 110 - So very cold

Coldest day on trail to date. By mid morning, I could see my breath. A cold front must have come in, since we still have sun, but it is still cold, even as we walk. We also had maybe 1" of snow last night. Those menacing clouds from last night did mean business.

Early this morning, passed the macabre sight of a still furry hindquarter of a deer splayed on the trail. A grim reminder of the brutality and remoteness of this region.

A little while later, as if we needed another reminder, Gangles was walking along the trail when she sank in knee deep. The apparent trail was actually quicksand. I had to tug with both hands to help her out.

This is the coldest night so far. For the first time ever, I am wearing all of my clothes. We have a long ways to Cumbres Pass tomorrow, nearly 24mi. We are going slower than expected, and low on food. I actually ate 6 mayonnaise packets for supplemental calories.

Hope our next entry is from a warm, dry bed in town.

The CDT is wearing on me. I just want to be done.

Mileage: 17mi from near North Fork Conejos River to near Trail Lake


  1. Hey, you two. Been thinking about you both and am glad to see you're doing alright, if cold. Once you get to New Mexico the hiking gets better- I never thought I'd be so happy to walk on a dirt road. Hope you get a warm bed and some R&R. -chinchilla and pyrite

    1. Been thinking about you two as well. Kinda thought you might already be kissing the monument as I type. So glad you're doing well. Take care, and say 'hi' to Steve for us!