Monday, October 14, 2013

Day 120 - hump day

I couldn't expect the trail to be as well-marked and groomed as it was in CO. It was lost in a different way, blending among other criss-crossing trails and roads, red herrings scattered every so often. Reminds me of that story of hiding something in plain sight--if a yellow ribbon is tied around the tree where the treasure is hidden, confuse treasure hunters by tying a yellow ribbon on every tree in the forest.

Zen was the only solution. Only a trance-like state of looking but not looking, could we find the trail. At times when I was totally lost, I had to stop and gaze, look and not see, and the trail would shine faintly, mystically. And walk long enough, along the possible trail, I would be rewarded with the sight of a CDT post, sharpened at the top like a gigantic pencil.

Miles seem easier than in CO, mostly because of the clear weather. Cuba tomorrow. And then, onward!

p.s., The J. Ley maps note drug trafficking activity near the trail, along Hwy 96. Didn't see anyone at the trailheads, though heard an eerie, human-sounding whistle of a short musical phrase. Creepy. Glad to be clear of this section.

Mileage: 23mi from Skull bridge to near San Pedro Peaks

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