Friday, October 18, 2013

Day 124 - Stones in the road

Spent most of the day on the forest roads which comprise the official trail. Uneventful. Some hunters gave us water. The road was rocky. We spent the day chatting and making miles.

Today felt like an interstitial transition day, between the alien landscape of the past two days, and the upcoming climb up Mt. Taylor.

Mt. Taylor is not on the "official" CDT, but according to Nobos, the far more popular route. The "official" route skirts the mountain on a trail to the North for no apparent reason. Maybe because the mountain is considered sacred to local indigenous people? Who knows? I am excited to climb to 11,000'+ one last time on the trail. Then balmy valley temps all the way to Mexico. Right?

p.s., In June, there was a report of a "friendly" mother bear and two cubs near this spring. Am a bit jumpy, but it is rifle hunting season, so hope that keeps the wildlife at bay

Mileage: 28mi from near Seco Tank to near Lower American Springs

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