Monday, October 21, 2013

Day 126 - Happy birthday, Gangles!

Happy 29th birthday to Gangles! It is her cribbage birthday, since 29 is the highest possible cribbage combination. (I don't know what this means, I'm just transcribing her excited squeaking about cribbage, but it sounds neat)

We had a quick walk in this morning, descending the dry and cactus-y mesa to the road into Grants. We passed a women's correctional facility, and wished a good morning to the inmates on the other side. They were quite chipper. We wanted to chat more, but wasn't sure if it was kosher, and pushed on.

Grants was spread out, so we decided to end the day at the Coco Bean coffee shop so we could meet Sky and SparkleCat for lunch. SkarkleCat (Sky + SparkleCat) were the first hikers we've seen since we lost Steve in WY. Had a wonderful lunch with them, catching up on trail gossip. They kindly ran us back to the motel, where we finally met...Masa! Unfortunately, he's battling a head cold, and taking a few days off to recuperate. So, Masa is in Grants for another day, and SkarkleCat left town. We're in the bubble again, but hope to see all of them in or near Pie Town.

We also had a surprise birthday celebration for Gangles, decorated courtesy of the local Dollar Tree. Classy affair, and the event of the season.

For dinner, we had the honor and pleasure of having pizza with the Mumms, the local trail angels. They supply water for most of the hikers in the areas surrounding Grants, which is desperately dry. I almost felt like a real person, and not a hiking hobo, sitting at a table with placemats and talking about something other than the CDT. The Mumms were wonderful dinner companions and conversationalists, urbane, witty and so gracious to invite us into their home. They told us about their line of work (exquisite artisan birdcages), local explorations of ancient ruins and petroglyphs, and an epic road trip to the Ontario region. A fun and memorable night. Hugo and Carole, thank you for all you do for the hikers!

Ok, off to bed, going to try a big day out.

p.s., Is it just me, or is the CDT littered with vertebrae?

Mileage: ~8mi from mesa top near Grants to Grants

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