Monday, October 21, 2013

Day 127- Leaving Grants...

We had a hard time getting on the road today. I think we're mentally exhausted from the first 2,400mi up to now. We lingered a little too long at our last outpost of civilization, the local McDonald's. The local citizens of Grants are so friendly. Several came over and introduced themselves, and one rancher even invited us over for dinner.

We finally got out of town, walking on the road until we came to the first canyon. During our walk, we came up with a crazy scheme: we are going to try long days to shave off a day on this stretch. This means we'll attempt to get to Pie Town in three days, 24mi, 30mi, 30mi. The biggest miles we've done since WY.

Tonight, we had to night hike, since we lollygagged in town for so long. But it was fast, easy walking on nicely groomed dirt roads. We stopped for the night near the Mumm's water cache by Hwy 53, just before entering private lands. Tomorrow is a big day, with a historic stroll over an ancient trail marked on lava rock with cairns, and La Ventana, a natural rock arch. Excited.

The stars are especially lovely tonight before the moonrise, so brightly contrasted in the desert sky. The Milky Way is clearly visible, and Gangles mentioned that it always makes her crave cereal.

Thanks again to the Mumms for their water caches. So necessary and helpful!

Mileage: 24mi from Grants to near Hwy 53

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