Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Day 121 - Koobah or Cube-ah?

Actual dialogue from today:
- What do you think that animal part on the trail was?
- Definitely some kind of organ.  [pauses] And it definitely had a bite missing

Descending San Pedro Peaks, we came across something, some kind of intact piece from an animal left in the middle of the trail.  No skeleton or other carcass nearby.  We speculated it had been dropped by a passing raptor, who was now frantically searching for it.  And this discovery after finding a set of antlers still attached to a half skull as we navigated a blowdown near the trail.  Bloody animal parts a reminder of the brutality of the wild.

Last night was surprisingly cold at 9,000', definitely dropped below freezing.  Frost all around, and on our tents.  It was hard to get out of bed.  Glad we did pick up our cold weather gear at Ghost Ranch, and in Albuquerque.  We climbed the last 1,000' or so to the broad yellow meadow near San Pedro Peaks, encountering some recent snow and groppel.  I would guess the temperatures were still in the 30s for most of the morning, as the snow and marshy areas were frozen solid.  Mostly easy walking down to the dirt roads connecting to the highway through town.

We raced in, but missed the PO by mere minutes.  The address was mis-mapped by Google maps, and the extra confusion de-railed us.

The roadwalk is doing a number on my feet, the bones ache from the pounding on pavement.  I wonder if I should increase my calcium intake.  Gangles is fighting some kind of head cold, so I'm keeping a close eye on her.  Plan is to go by the PO in the morning, and try and get a big day in.  We're aiming to be in Grants by10/20 for Gangles to celebrate her birthday in town.

At the Del Prado for the night.  Where all the hikers seem to stay.  Great place, thanks to Mrs. Yang and Daniel for the hospitality.

Mileage: ~18mi from near San Pedro Peaks to Cuba, NM

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