Saturday, October 5, 2013

Day 108 - taxi?

We were out hitching for a few minutes, when a Prius with 'TAXI' license plates pulled up. It was Wayne and Nancy, locals who run an adventure guiding company, and taxi service. They were headed up to the Pass, and offered us a ride, no charge. Fascinating couple, they are passionate paddlers, but all around outdoors people. They told us a terrifying story about being caught in a wet blizzard in Glacier National Park, snowed in for two days, then bushwhacked down to the road to get out. Crazy adventures, and great people. Thanks again for the ride.

It felt good to get back on the trail today, which was up and down on the ridge. Still snow in many places, mostly above 11,000'.

Not much else of note to mention. I can already tell, it is going to be a really cold night. But our spirits are high, since our legs still feel great from the healing hot springs. Miss Pagosa already, but glad to be back on the CDT.

Mileage: 13mi from Wolf Creek Pass to near Summit Pass

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