Saturday, October 19, 2013

Day 125 - Mt. Taylor

We went over Mt. Taylor today, our last time over 11,000' on the trail. And not a day too soon. Another cold night and morning--all of our water froze again. Had to wait a few hours to drink.

Beautiful view on Taylor, 360 degrees around, including the much antennaed peak La Mosca nearby. Some jokester has put up a tin silhouette (maybe Pogo?) of a cartoon on the summit sign. Many elk hunters out and about today, flashes of blaze orange zipping up and down the mountains effortlessly in pick-up trucks and ATVs.

And, thank you thank you thank you to the Mumms for their water cache at FR 193 & 501. Much needed.

Into Grants tomorrow am for Gangles' birthday!

p.s., Can't believe we've been on the trail for 125 days. 5^3. Let us get off this trail before we hit the next cube.

Mileage: ~25mi from near Lower American Springs to near Mt. Taylor trailhead

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