Friday, August 2, 2013

Day 46 - good omens

Out of town from Lima today, and started with a backtrack to the frontage road. We got an early ride out, and then started our new stretch, which will take us to Wyoming!

Also, starting to run across the Nobos, met a bunch in Lima (NEON, Elizabeth, Cherry Picker, SweetAs, Rampage, Wired, Dain, Aquaman, Portrait, Castle, and many more). Inspiring to see people so far along their journey, and so close to finishing. Montana is beautiful, and I wish them all the best.

Nice hike today, with a lot of time on jeep roads, before descending to Peat Creek Divide. Wasn't much to see there, but we did begin a large-ish climb out, and ended up at E. Camas Creek. Unfortunately it was hazy, but we could see the outline of an enormous mountain, apparently one of the Tetons in the distance. I had that familiar mix of fear, and admiration upon seeing a big mountain that literally looms in the distance, and maybe the future. Not sure we'll go over that one, but still, a big boy.

Later in the evening, saw two Platonic ideals of cowboys, just riding along on horses with an unusually intelligent looking dog. Confirmed that he was a herding dog, one of those high IQ types. Apparently, he's called a 'blue heeler' (sp?). The two cowboys wished me happy trails, and I wished them the same. Sipping Coors Light, they rode off into the sunset.

Camping at Rock Spring, where I ran into Tim and Sky. They had been ahead all day, and I saw them periodically as dark figures moving on the horizon. My melodramatic imagination refigured them as dark portents, and I worried that they were deathly instantiations haunting the trail. Until I remembered that Occam's Razor--they're probably Sobos, and probably two nice bearded guys from Maine. This was confirmed when I saw their signature in a register in a few miles. [Addendum: apparently, the cowboys did warn Gangles about Sky and Tim, telling her that she should be careful because there are two guys up ahead who "are real different"]

We are excitedly stopping early for us tonight--got into camp by 7:30pm. Early dinner, and early bed. We've got a big day planned tomorrow. Plus, I may have already mentioned this, but there's dinner theatre in Mack's Inn on Saturday @ 630pm. Maybe we'll make it. Prime rib + a musical revue about the Andrews Brothers (siblings of the Andrews sisters) is pretty enticing.

Ok, rain sprinkles are probably over, so I'll sneak out, and we'll have dinner.

p.s., Tim mentioned that the spring also doubles as a bird bath. Sounds both adorable and unsanitary. Definitely treating the water.

Mileage: ~25mi (~23mi on trail, ~2-3mi backtracking on frontage road) from before I-15 to Rock Spring

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