Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Day 51 - this is why you're fat; and bear enclosures

This morning was a typical nearo--a little sleeping in, and a lot of breakfast. We did our laundry, and went down to the breakfast buffet (comped, because we had to live through the indignity of being woken by a mouse last night). We finished the rest of our town chores mailing stuff, last minute phone calls to family and loved ones, postcards), and got ready to hit the road.

In what is becoming a new tradition for us, Gangles had the brilliant idea to get one more ice cream for the road. Hiking in the heat is never fun, but always better with an ice cream sandwich in hand. This practice does remind me of a blog my sister showed me, about the culinary excesses of the US called "this is why you're fat". While I get plenty of exercise, I'm certain that my diet is appalling. Do as I say and not as I do, and don't start eating 6,000 calories per day.

On our way out, we noticed a huge crowd gathering around Old Faithful, which must be due. We joined the throngs, and waited for the spectacular explosion. We actually heard someone say "It's so frustrating, I don't get why they don't tell us the actual time this thing goes off". We waited for one last eruption, which was fun, both for the spray of water as well as the oohs and ahhs of the crowd. I noticed that many of the tourists, as they were leaving OF after the eruption were giving us distinctly judgmental looks, and I wanted to tell them we were just pretend hobos, not real hobos, but it didn't matter. Mostly because I was eating ice cream, which makes all things better, and good things great.

Our hike out of OF was strangely convoluted, leaving the incredibly dense and touristy part of the park to rejoin the CDT, which ran behind the Ranger station and PO. We crossed a few roads, and were back in the woods, climbing up a long ridge through a burn area. Some sections of the park burned in '88, and have been growing back slowly. There are still tall trunks downed, with smaller trees, which don't cast much shade.

The walking was quite smooth, a few climbs, but mostly rolling through beautiful meadows and lightly forested pine areas. As we approached a stand of trees, we heard a voice: "Can I camp with you tonight?" It turned out to be Steve, a fellow Sobo. Of course, the more the merrier, and we rolled on to camp together. When we were within 10m of camp, we reached a broad but slow moving Moose Creek, necessitating a ford. A pair of young people appeared on the opposite shore. Apparently, they were to camp two miles farther, at a campsite we had already passed. They asked if they could camp with us, too. Of course, the more the merrier!

When we got to camp, they had erected a bear enclosure of logs surrounding their tents. This is intended to keep out bears. Our tents, while small, would have been a snug fit, so we camped just outside. So thoughtful of them. Also, they were from Gangles' neck of the woods, North Minneapolis, MN. I love Midwesterners.

Looking forward to tomorrow--a short day, maybe ~20mi. So we're planning an afternoon hot tub at Witch Creek where the thermals meet cool water.

Good night.

p.s., Actual conversation with my mom today (translated from Chinglish):

Mom: And watch out for those cow-like things
Me: Bison?
Mom: Yes, they are very harsh in attitude. Be careful.

Mileage: 15mi from OF to Moose Creek (8M1)

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