Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Day 57 - Back on trail

Today, Steve, Cash, Gangles, and I got a lift back to Togwatee from Liz at the Black Bear Inn. Steve started up at Brooks Lake Lodge, and we started a few miles ahead at the pass. Though he was only ~3mi behind us, we haven't seen him yet. Hope he's doing well.

This next section between Togwatee and the beginning of the Wind River range has long been described by Nobos as confusing and poorly marked. Cash did this section with only maps and a compass, which is admiral. We had to rely heavily on both maps and GPS to navigate. The trail is not well-marked, following a series of small trails, broadly spaced markers without trail, and different roads to patch together a continuous footpath South.

We spent the bulk of our energy today navigating the different sections of trail, but are pleased that we made ~20mi of progress. Not bad given an 11am start, so I do think we are starting to get our legs. The day was mostly grey, with intermittent rain. The cloud cover was helpful, since most of the day was on open ranges, and could have been brutally hot. Thank goodness for small favors. Though this does mean we won't see much of the annual Perseid (sp?) meteor shower. Fingers crossed for a clear night tomorrow.

I am anxious about the ruggedness and route finding in the Winds, but also excited to see one of the Crown Jewels of the American backcountry. I hope the fire closure has been lifted, and it is smooth sailing tomorrow.

Special thanks to Liz, for the wonderful stay at the Black Bear Inn. The hospitality and a little maternal attention really rejuvenated us. Thank you.

Mileage: 20mi from Togwatee Pass to Spring near Sheridan Pass

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