Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Day 45 - Lima, pronounced like the bean

Zero day in Lima. We've been so focused on the route down to here, we needed a day to sort ourselves out with regards to our trip through Yellowstone, and across the WY border.

And, we need to eat. In the last section, Gangles had been having strange symptoms: the spins (dizziness), nausea, loss of appetite, inability to sleep. When we got to Lima, we were happy to see SLAM!, who had the same symptoms. Apparently, she had altitude sickness, which is not uncommon for Sobos, due to the climb from Bannock Pass (~7500') to Elk Mountain (>10,000'). Since we were trying to do ~26mi / day, and succeeding except when derailed by route finding and inclement weather, Gangles is fine. She is strong enough to do the miles, but has been uncomfortable. So, we need a little R&R before the next section, both sleep and food.

And, we did a little back of the envelope math. We are probably eating ~2,500 calories per day on the trail, from all the oatmeal, protein bars, tuna, bread, pasta throughout the day. This is a pretty burly level of consumption. Physically, I'm not sure how much more I can handle, given the volume constraints on my stomach. But, we also estimated our daily energy expenditure around 4,000 calories (~1,600 for basic needs, i.e., what we need if we're in a coma, and then 100 calories / mi). We can't figure out why we feel fine, if we're running such a caloric deficit. (I think the 100 calories per mile is a decent estimate, since that's a rule of thumb for running a mile. While we're walking, we're navigating up / down terrain while carrying a pack). In towns, though, we do try to make up the calories, and probably consume ~6,000 calories. Which is both necessary and a real gut buster. We try to eat every 2 hours or so, to keep the supply of energy coming. And it works. The days out of town, we usually feel the strongest, and best rested.

As a testament to the difficulty of this trail vs. the AT or PCT, we are already eating more on this trail ~700mi in as we did at the end of the PCT. And I think we've both lost weight. I think it's almost time for us to pop over to Jan's cafe for some afternoon pie. Let the re-feed continue!

p.s., Thanks to Maron and Gloria for the wonderful care packages. Gloria, appreciate the Graceland souvenirs + things you found in your cupboards at home. Maron, the randomness is always so delicious. Biscoff cookies! It'll be just like flying Delta Airlines. From the Continental Divide Trail. I can almost recline my seat 4" if I imagine...

p.p.s., Should be at Old Faithful Village by 8/5

Mileage: Big fat zero (emphasis on the 'fat'. then the 'zero', and then the 'big' to complete the set)

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