Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Day 72 - Encampment / Riverside

Trees! Water! Trail! It is so good to be back on the CDT. I've missed you so. We are beginning the transition into CO, and away from the desert of Southern WY.

Spent the morning leapfrogging with Mike Sydlaske! (aka "Rainbow") We left camp about 30m after him, and saw him shortly after we crossed Divide Peak.

We stopped for a long break at the first clean water source from where we camped last night. It was the first good looking water I've seen in a while. It was cold and clear, so unlike the brackish water we had been seeing. As we were sitting there, who should show up but... Steve! I never think I'll see that guy again. Since Mike is taking another day to go into Encampment, we sadly had to leave him at the creek.

So, we finished the last 11mi with Steve, chatting and catching up on the trail and other news. We also went past 11,000' for the first time at Bridger Peak. Near the top of peak, we saw a metal covered wagon, but no one was home. Apparently, these are the mobile homes of the shepherds in the region.

When we got down to the road, it was a longish hitch since there was so little traffic. An amused pair of truckers named Ron and Jacob kindly took us into town. Ron was a real mensch. Thanks, guys.

They took us to the Mangy Moose, where we had a wonderful cheeseburger. It seems to be the place to eat in town. In for the night, then PO in the morning.

Hopefully CO tomorrow!

p.s., Mike, hope we cross paths again! Have a great hike!

Mileage: 19mi from past Hartt Creek to Battle Pass

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