Wednesday, August 7, 2013

We enter Wyoming and feast.

Montana was tough.  Idaho was tough.  At first we were weak and our joints hurt.  Then we got strong, but I was challenged by exhaustion.  Two or three days from town I would bonk, run out of energy, and come into camp or town exhausted to actual tears and non-responsive zombie-like movement.  Once I started eating 400 calories I had enough energy to hike, but the hiking was still difficult.  We regularly climbed thousands of feet up and down several times a day.  Or had to push long miles.  It was unending.

But today we entered Yellowstone and left behind Idaho and Montana for Wyoming.  Wyoming will have it's own challenges, but crossing the state line meant a major achievement, and we are celebrating with a feast!  Hot dogs, steaks, grilled cheese, chips, huckleberry mead, yellowstone ale, and corn on the cob.

Tomorrow we will slackpack the section from Old Faithful Village to Grants Village due to the permits situation.

Here's me (Bigfoot) at the border, recovering briefly before charging into Yellowstone:

And here is the obligatory picture of Old Faithful going off.  I would write more better, but the steaks are almost done.  Priorities.

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