Sunday, August 18, 2013

Swiss Miss, BR, and Bigfoot reach Pinedale

The northern winds are spectacullar!

We climbed over those mountains and into this valley:

More here:

The climb over Knapsack Col past the headwaters to the Colorado River and down into the glacial Titcomb Basin was breath-taking, but the scoot/scramble/slide down the mud, gravel, rock, and boulder-covered glacier on the east side of Knapsack Col was terrifying.  Only afterwards did we see the boulder route the northbound hikers had been advising us to take.

We hoofed it into Pinedale and are waiting for word from Moosie, Grinder, and Slam.


  1. We ran into you guys in the Green River Valley.. good to hear you negotiated Knapsack Col.. we told it is was a bit gnarly... keep up the great hiking - you are inspiring us to mount a similar expedition in the future.. after 12 days traversing the Winds - I think we may be ready

    Andy - SLC, Ut