Monday, July 22, 2013

Day 36 - one more day down

Today was a lovely and scenic traipse past several lakes above 8000'. The waters were invariably clear, and either a deep blue or a slate grey, depending on depth. The terrain continued to be difficult, but rewarding with many views of majestic fins of rock.

We lunched next to a burbling brook in a field of wildflowers, part way up a long climb. We unveiled the Sprite, which seemed a nice end cap to a general lift in morale and spirits. Despite the brutality of this section, and the lingering and emerging injuries to feet, legs, etc. among the group members, we are making our way through this stretch. Tonight marks the halfway point with regards to days out--we have 2.5 more days to Leadore.

Our last 1000' climb was a long and tough one, but much improved from the maps, with longer switchbacks. Always fun to climb on fresh trail.

Tomorrow will be our longest in this section, a 27mi day, but the terrain is supposed to ease for the last 5mi. Unfortunately, this coincides with the last easy on trail water, so trading terrain difficulty for dryness.

I speak for everyone when I say we'll be relieved when tomorrow is over, and ecstatic to be in Leadore.

Mileage: ~24mi from the lake in the compass rose on MT 52 to Hamby Creek

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