Monday, July 29, 2013

Day 43 - back on track, and NBs!

On the way to Sawmill Creek Trailhead, we ran into two Nobos, Yukon and Litterbox (sure there's some kind of story there). So exciting to see fellow thruhikers, esp. thruhikers so close to the end of their journey. Best of luck and good travels to both of you!

Also, picked up the news, that the Swiss Fits, Steve, Aarbug and Pyrilla were all in the section head, possibly headed to Lima tonight.

Long day, but a good one. We are getting in shape still, able to do 26s, but with significant effort. The trail was relatively well-marked, though quite a bit of up and down. This morning, we climbed up a pass, and down to Deadman's Lake, an aquamarine gem tucked in a valley. Great campsite overlooking the lake, with a nicely carved throne from an old stump. The rest of the day was a rollercoaster, with serious climbs and descents on open ridge, with high wind. We are applying sunblock every few hours, and drinking constantly to avoid cotton mouth from the gusts.

We are also definitely in cow country, with cow patties everywhere in various stages of freshness: dried buffalo chip-style (like the fuel in Little House on the Prairie), and steaming frozen yogurt consistency. Cows are not sanitary creatures, and almost certainly harboring Giardia and Crypto. I've taken to adding extra water treatment, and waiting longer, so hope that works. I've come to resent the cows a little, mostly for the mess they make. I'm tempted to eat more of them (burgers, steaks) in town, out of vengeance. But, I know eating more beef just stimulates demand for more cows, which means more cow patties.

Been a tough stretch, aiming for daily 26s, so looking forward to Lima tomorrow.

Mileage: 26mi from Nicholia Creek to Sawmill Creek Trailhead

p.s., learned that the CDT celebrity in the last section was *not* Jerry Brown. It was Jim Wolf! Author of the official guidebooks. Exciting!


  1. I am so jealous that A) you guys got to camp at Deadman's Lake, and B) that you were able to utilize that fabulous stump-throne. Swiss and I only spent a few minutes gazing at the lake/throne.

  2. Don't tell Swiss, but I think you should spend some time carving one for your living room as a welcome back gift for her.