Sunday, July 14, 2013

Day 27 - Anaconda time

Today, we split off the official CDT to take the Anaconda route. Before I go into what that is, I'll give you a moment to speculate wildly. To jog your thoughts: ANACONDA.

I'm sure some of you thought of the J. Lo movie (which an anthropologist buddy of mine told me is the highest grossest movie of all time in Papua New Guinea, which has an aboriginal snake origin myth), or Sir Mix-a-Lot. Gangles has been singing that song a lot today.

The Anaconda route veers south towards Anaconda, MT, which is famous on the CDT for having what is rumored to be a full-service, Dairy Queen Brazier (i.e., with tater tots and Texas Toast). Gangles and I are reaching the end of our food bag, and have at least 3 days worth of protein bars left, but little other food. A walk into a larger town with less-protein-y food sounds great.

The hiking today was lovely, a mixture of meadows, rolling green hills and dirt forest service roads. We've been hiking together in large clumps, and today has really felt like it has been about trail family. Before beginning the CDT, we had all heard so much talk about how this trail is unlike the AT and PCT with regards to seeing other hikers. We are truly in a bubble--some folks ahead and behind, but roughly equidistant, and we go days without seeing other thruhikers.

We are camped tonight at the site of a former ranger station, which has been torn down. We are by a pleasantly burbling creek, and the skies are totally clear. Really a nice day, being with the other sobohobos, and enjoying the day's walking.

Tomorrow, we head into Anaconda, or Uncle Buck's. Since we are on the alternate, there is no mileage, and it is unclear exactly how far away we are.

p.s., Thanks to Maron and Sandy for the new socks and rice krispy treats, both of which have been fueling this hike.

Mileage: ~22mi from Cottonwood Lake to ~5mi past Four Corners

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