Saturday, July 6, 2013

Day 20 - parade, rodeo, zero

Great zero day. Attended the town parade, with floats tossing candy and beer to the attendees. After resupply and basic chores, then caught a ride to the Lincoln Rodeo, where we watched bulldogging, steer roping, bronco busting, bull riding, and a few of the cutest events ever.

First, the boot scamble. All the little kids enter the rodeo ring, take off their boots / shoes and load them on to a pick-up truck. The truck drives to the other end of the ring, and the driver gets out, and begins to fling the boots in the air, randomly scattering the boots. The aim is this: find both of your boots, put them on, and get back across the finish line.

Second, the chicken catch. All of the little kids, now with boots and shoes on, are lined up at one end of the arena. A man at the other end opens a box and releases chickens. Approximate ratio, 7 chickens: 60 kids. The kids chase the chickens, and if you catch one, you get to keep it. Melee.

Third, the greased pig. 5 piglets, greased macabrely in bacon grease (imagine moisturizing with leavings from a lipo procedure, or soapmaking from "Fight Club"), are let loose in the area. Again, melee.

Lincoln is a perfect trail town.

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