Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Day 3

After much discussion about the weather (100% chance of precipitation, thunderstorms, damaging winds), we made the group decision to roadwalk around Piegan Pass. The idea of the nine of us up top, waving ice axes during a lightning storm was too risky.

Instead we hiked 21 mi to St. Mary,

First half of day was fine, but second half had terrible weather. Thunderstorms, driving rain, sleet and even hail. Which really hurts the face. With the terrible weather, we nearly ran to town, and ended up at the very hospitable Park Cafe. Terrific pie--strawberry rhubarb. Thank you to Romain for the recommendation.

Drying out in the St Mary Lodge. Ashamed to be in a hotel 2 nights in a row, but looking to ride out the terrible weather. Cautiously optimistic that the weather will turn.

p.s., everyone's hiker hobble in full force. feet bruised and puffy--inflammation is my own air cushion. My shoes are so springy.

Mileage: 21mi from Many Glacier to St. Mary

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