Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Day 10 - first day of the hike?

Today, we leave the beautiful and sculpted confines of Glacier National Park. This means leaving civilization, and entering the "Bob". In a few ways, it feels like we are finally starting the CDT: the wildness, multiple alternate trails, unknown quality and condition of the trails.

We started this morning from E Glacier, where we met Beth, trail angel from our first day. Since we are entering the backcountry for ~10 days, our food bags are as heavy as they've been, and hopefully as heavy as they will get. She drove our food bags up to Marias Pass, tonight's destination, in a partial slack pack. With much lightened packs (Gangles and I split 1 pack for the day), we took off for the pass.

The trail conditions were quite good, though a bit wet from the runoff. THe snow was minimal, and we didn't need either ice axe or microspikes. The day was highly reminiscent of the AT, rolling around ridges, slight ups and downs, but no major climbs. The trail was still relatively passable, early enough in the season before they are overgrown with brush. I hear this is one of the advantages of going sobo.

I loved the verdant lushness of the trail today, so lively and green everywhere. Though it is late June here, it feels more like late Spring, with the hills coming alive from a long slumber under snow and rich soil. It is what I imagined the "woods" were like when I was a young, bespectacled child, reading stories of hunters, explorers and early colonists. Truly lovely.

Tomorrow, we are aiming for ~18mi in. It will be a long day, with potentially tough fords. I'm convinced it is all doable, quite safe, and just part of the adventure.

I am already looking forward to the hikers we will be by the time we exit the Bob. We will be on our way to getting our hiking legs, coupled with dropping the snow equipment (axe and spikes), we should be feel strong by the time we reach Lincoln.

Fantastic first day in the Bob.

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