Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Day 2

Best of intentions for an early morning, but the usual fussing around in camp. Didn't get going until 930. Traced the north shore of Elizabeth Lake (seen below) and then rejoined the CDT. We climbed up Red Trail Pass, our first big pass. Was a long, meandering climb, switchbacked above treeline, and had lunch up on top of the pass. V. aggressive chipmunks tried to drag the trekking poles away. Apparently the chipmunks love the salt in the handles. The equivalent of finding a slim jim the size of a downed tree in the woods.

Met a WG '15 going up the pass. Dan. Small world, running into a WG '10 and WG '13.

As we came down the pass, there was a snowfield, maybe 100' x 500', and we glissaded down. Certainly didn't save any time, but loved the novelty of the slide. And practice with the ice axe to self arrest.

On the way down, a storm came in. We were socked in fog, descending to Many Glacier, surrounded by nearby lightning. We hustled down, in ponchos through the driving rain. Weakened and sprung for a hotel room instead of camping in a puddle. Split a room with Swiss and Very Fit, and ran the space heater to dry our shoes. Warm welcome by the staff; hospitality from Swiftcurrent Motor Inn was a welcome respite from the rain. Tomorrow is a new day.

Hiker hunger has not kicked in, in terms of volume, but definitely in terms of quality. Intense cravings for just terrible things I would never eat in real life. Put a serious dent in a package of birthday cake oreos.

Mileage: 21mi, from Elizabeth Lake Head to Many Glacier

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