Sunday, June 30, 2013

Day 14

After surviving the night (we ate some wild chives), we broke camp and climbed an additional 1000' or so up Switchback Pass. This entire ridge walk is unspeakably lovely. I hate to say it, but it looks like a Windows screensaver: blue sky, yellow wild flowers fluffy white clouds. We came across a glacial lake which was comparable to the most beautiful glacial lakes in the Sierras.

The climb of Switchback Pass necessitated the use of microspikes, and I was glad to have them. I think we maybe started the trail 3 days too early, but hard to argue with such lovely weather.

We took a long switchbacking trail back to the valley floor, and made our way to an established campsite. The site is strangely free of mosquitoes but infested with moths. They seem drawn to salt, and easily the most popular item in camp is Gangles' socks.

Tomorrow, we get to see the Chinese Wall, which will be a long climb. Off to bed.

Mileage: 15mi from somewhere on the pass to somewhere on the creek floor

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