Thursday, June 20, 2013

Day 1

After a helpful hitch from Beth and Emma from East Glacier, we started off on the CDT at the U.S.-Canada border from Chief Mountain. Wonderful weather.

I was astonished that Montana was as grand as I imagined it could be--as an East Coast gal, Montana has always been wide plains, huge mountains and it is all true and more. The CDT has the intimacy of the AT, the single track trails snaking through pines but the difference is when you burst into a clearing, you're in a tremendous bowl of wildflowers and enormous sheer crags.

Trading the desk for the pack means new aches and pains. Bruises on hips, clavicles, gripped by my too heavy spider monkey pack. Outfitted with 5lbs of spare clothing, fingers crossed the weather stays clement.

Had a comical experience hoisting our food up in camp, thanks to Grinder's strong arm and general manliness.

Familiar to be back on the road, unfamiliar to be out west in the mountains, this will be an experience of a lifetime for sure. Glad to be back in the warm embrace of trail family, the sobohobos ride again.

Mileage: 12mi to Lake Elizabeth (head)

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