Wednesday, September 29, 2010

2400 down, 260 to go.

Unfortunately it's been way too long since i've posted pictures but just a total lack of time and a push to the border, along with lack of good access to a computer that I can monopolize for an hour or two has prevented me from doing that. I promise I will get all the pictures for the rest of the trip up when I get home.

As for a quick update - we've been having a great trip through Washington, even with all the craziness of the constant rain. I'm looking out the window right now and it appears to be completely clear and sunny, which would make this the second day that i've seen that. Count me as excited. We're traveling in a group of 9 at the moment, which makes us a certifiable war party. The Sobohobos - Barrel Roll, Steiner, Gangles, Moosie, along with Hee-Haw who's doing all of Washington, and we're hiking with Grinder, Swiss Miss, T-Bone and Bigfoot who have also become part of the extended S.H. family. Needless to say it's bee na great time and we're sort of pulling each other along to the border. We're almost there.

Shout outs to Keith Nelson and John Drollinger for meeting up with us and giving us some awesome trail magic, and also to Kevin Lee and all the gang at Adventure 16 for taking such awesome care of us.

Our bodies are weary, but our minds and spirits are strong. Can't wait to see the border.


PS Please see Steiner's post below for information on our last mail drop, which is very soon, so if you want to send something I would get it out ASAP.

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