Saturday, October 2, 2010

Under 200mi to go!

Plan: Arrive in Manning Park, BC (Canada) on October 11th.

To do:  ~200 miles to hike between now and then.

We are stopped in the bustling metropolis of Baring, WA, at the Dinsmores' Hiker Heaven.  It is a little slice of heaven indeed.  We have had laundry, hot showers, and we are now watching "Fried Green Tomatoes", as a hormone-balancing chaser to "Terminator 2".  If the boys don't carefully monitor the VCR, I may slip in "Ghost".

The weather has been incredible, blue skies and no clouds.  The views have been phenomenal--Sierras-like, with granitic towers, deep glacial lakes and snow fields.  Gangles and I took a 30 minute detour today, atop a ski lift operation booth.  Possibly the best place I've shared a candy bar ever. 

And, at Deception Lakes, we took our probable last swim on this section of PCT.   Swiss Miss called it the "gangliest swim video ever".  I think the average BMI of video participants is in the mid-teens.  We'll post the video later.  Stay tuned. 

Anyhow, spirits are high, as we are so close to the border.  Our next and last stop is Stehekin, WA. 

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  1. Say Hello to my North Cascades Mountains. I did my College internship in North Cascades National Park. I never got to Stehekin, but wanted to. You will love North Cascades. It's the most beautiful place I have every been!