Sunday, September 19, 2010

4 days in Washington, 4 days of rain

Water water everywhere... We crossed the state border when we crossed the low point on the PCT, the Bridge of the Gods.  Since we crossed the bridge, we have had rain every day, some days with multiple sessions of rain punctuated by moments of blue, and other days a steady grey drizzle.

We are currently at the Trout Lake Abbey drying out in the warmth of Buddhist hospitality.  Kozen and Denise have been wonderfully welcoming.  We were treated to hot showers and laundry, and a warm dry interior.

The hitch in from Road 24 was surprisingly easy.  The first car picked us up, after a comical slowdown, acceleration, screeching of brakes, and driving backwards.  A pair of elk hunters picked us up, and took us to Trout Lake.  I'm used to apologizing for my smell.  The fellows had me riding up front, in the cab, between them.  I was shedding mud and pine needles all over.  The two apologised for their smell, which is new to me.  One reached into his breast pocket and pulled out a small bottle to show me:  Hot Cow Estrus.  One dab behind each ear will do.   

Also!  I finally saw an elk.  They have the most luxurious, creamy, fuzzy behinds I have ever seen.

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