Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Bridge of the Gods - OR-> WA

Greetings from Cascade Locks!  A lot has happened since my last post.

First, we are done (more or less) with Oregon!  From this town, along the Columbia River, we can see Washington across the border.    But, like Orpheus, I try not to look at it yet, for fear of jinxing our exit from Oregon.

We are currently at the low point of the PCT, about 150'.  Tomorrow, we will climb to 3000', and then roll on to the rest of Washington.  With a full pack, weighed down by a full food resupply and winter gear, it will be a heinous climb.

We picked up speed during Oregon, trying for 30s every day.  We got out in about 17 days, including 2 unexpected days off for injury.  We will be trying to maintain this pace into Washington, but are planning 25mi/day for the state.  We should be able to make our drop dead finish date of 10/15 comfortably.

After reaching Canada, Emily/Gangles and I still have the 400mi from LA to Mexico to hike.  So, this is a penultimate homestretch push.

Thanks to all of you who have sent e-mails, texts, and letters of encouragement.  Appreciate the support.

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  1. Found your blog and I wish you both well! I forgot you had to do some of the early trail, but I'm sure you will succeed. What y'all have accomplished is amazing either way.

    I fully enjoyed meeting you guys in Etna and hope if you are ever in Atlanta you get in touch.

    Good luck on the hike!

    All the best wishes,

    (Hiker X's gf. I really enjoyed you guys a lot.)