Monday, June 14, 2010

Our Crafternoon in Tehachapi, CA

Greetings from Tehachapi, CA at the northern end of the Mojave desert. We are around mile marker 558 for BR and MC, and 151 for Emily and me (Steiner). It's been an eventful first week and a half on the trail.  Since leaving Agua Dulce, CA, we stopped for the night in Lancaster, CA at Hikertown, which is a miniature Western town.  (We will post photos, since a verbal description does not do it justice).

The night before Tehachapi, we camped 10 miles out, just past some private property on the PCT.  Town relationships have not been great, since the trail was covered with "NO TRESPASSING" signs.  We had also heard (possibly false) rumors of booby traps in the section.  Don't worry, we didn't find any booby traps. 

We did walk through an enormous wind farm on the way in, which makes perfect sense. This was by far the windiest section of the trail we have seen so far.  By 10:30am, we reached Tehachapi Willow Springs Rd. We waited a few minutes for Moosie, who was right behind us, and the three of us started hitching.  We restyled our hair to look less threatening, and hitched into town with a woman and her daughter who were headed to the Super K in Tehachapi.  Great company and conversation. 

We settled in at the Best Western Mountain Inn (highly recommended), and took a stroll through town.  We found Barrel Roll and El Presidente walked by a local scrapbooking store.  BR mentioned that the scrapbooking store had a thruhiker special, where we could make a greeting card to send home.

We stopped in and met Kathi Hinkle, and a few other ladies, and settled in for the Crafternoon (name courtesy of Naomi Goldstein).  We were given fifteen minutes of instructions, 2 blank greeting cards, access to hundreds of rubber stamps, and asked to unleash our inner scrapbooking demons.

Kathi put on disc 2 of the malt shop series, and we doowopped the afternoon away. 

Just another day on the PCT.  We'll post photos soon.

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  1. Thanks for the "crafty" thank you card. Loved the cowboy rounding up cattle on the front. Maybe when you guys get off the trail you can start your own greeting card company. Very nice Lakers v. Celtics game 7 prediction too. Not! -El Jefe