Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Kennedy Meadows

Been logging some pretty big days since Tahachapi. Got through my first couple 25 milers and can tell I am gaining strength. Mentally it is much easier to approach a tall climb when you know you have managed one just as large before. Was mentioning to Barrel Roll yesterday that summiting is bitter-sweet. The views, especially at sunset are incredible and seem even more stunning when you know everything you went through to get there. But, no rest for the weary, each ridge on the horizon we will cross soon. As long as I am having fun I say climb on!

Over the past several days we have been traveling from the Mojave Desert to the Sierras. The slow transition is comforting and intriguing. In the high desert wind, the flowers can not afford to have stems so they lay close to the ground always facing the sun. But their stems have grown, the weather has gotten cooler and water more plentiful (yesterday we were actually at a river!). Today, I am trading in my sun umbrella for an ice axe, bear canister, and crampons.

I am writing from a trailer which belongs to a trail angel named Tom at Kennedy Meadows. We stopped here for two days before beginning the Sierras. The next stop is Independence in seven days. Between here and there will be a ton of snow and hopefully we will summit Mount Whitney (the highest point in the lower 48 states)! To adjust for snow, we are bumping mileage down to 15 miles per day. Supposedly, this will be one of the most beautiful sections of the trail.

When we reached Kennedy Meadows, MC and BR’s friends were waiting with a truck and camping gear. We have spent the last two days resting, eating, and celebrating BR’s 30th. Thanks so much for everything C, L, and K. Company and food were awesome! Am constantly eating – a pint of Ben and Jerry’s has become an appetizer. Next time I am in town, I will log my actual food intake- it is insane!

Favorite piece of recent trail magic: Man threw three full size snickers bars out of his truck window at us to wish good luck with the Sierras. Have met a ton of great friends and many trail angels have helped and fed us along the way.

I will try to post some pictures later on today and then should get connection again in 2 weeks.

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