Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The big 3-0, pct style

Just chiming in as Steiner and gangles aka Emily have already posted some great stuff already.

Things are awesome. We are at Kennedy which marks over 700 miles for moosie and I, and Kennedy meadows marks a huge milestone for us as we now enter the sierras which means big snow, big mountains, big views and big fun. All the thru-hikers all talk about making it to I'm and the big test of the sierras and now we are here. Seems surreal.

It's been so much fun and lately we have been travelling in a really fun pack of people which has made it a blast. And we have been workin our way through the high desert for the last two weeks to get here. The timing worked out incredibly as we arrived at Kennedy meadows in time to celebrate my 30th birthday. Leila, Cindy and Ken (who is hiking from km to tuolomne meadows with us) came up from San Diego and met us here, bringing lots of food, beer and good company to hang out. All the thruhikers we've been hanging out with arrived over the last two days and have been helping me ring in the big 3-0. All I can say is, if the first 2 days of my 3rd decade are any representation, it's going to be a fun next 10 years.

Apologies for the lack of pictures as we haven't been in great places to post pictures. I will try to get caught up next stop as we are going through the VERY scenic sierras.

All is well and we're all extremely excited for the next stretch. Happy trails until next time!

-Barrel Roll (Shian, now officially older but still young at heart :D)

PS Next stop is Independence, CA and we should be there in 7.5-8 days. Mailing info is maybe 6 posts below by Steiner.

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  1. Hi Barrel Roll!

    Congrats on making it thru the desert and happy b-day too!

    I enjoyed hiking with you guys between BB and the Cajon Pass...

    Good luck in the SIERRA's, I know you'll rock it out!

    Tim Hafner
    PCT 2014