Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Kennedy Meadows

Checking in from Kennedy Meadows.  We've added Ken to the roll of hikers for this stretch.  We'll have him for the next few weeks, which is going to be great.

We are also halfway through a double zero--letting the snow melt and wishing BR a happy birthday.

In other news, Em and I have done our first 300 miles, including two 25s, and a few 20s.  We're finally getting our trail legs.  

Miss you all.

p.s., On the same animal-packed day, I saw 3 rattlesnakes and a bear.  One rattler was furious, and attacking a pine branch when we came upon it.  We let it slither away, and it climbed up a tree so it was at eye level with me.  I walked a big circle around it. 

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