Tuesday, June 1, 2010

In and out at Wrightwood

Moosie and I are checking in from Wrightwood. We're doing great and excited to meet Steiner and Emily tomorrow night! This next section is going to be challenging - we're going through snow on Baden-Powell and dropping down to the edge of the Mojave before seeing the beautiful Hiker's Heaven at Agua Dulce.

If you want to send me something (snacks are appreciated, cash/money is best and I will think of you as I eat whatever I spent your $ on, especially for all my friends on the east coast - it gets pricey to send priority mail packages out here on the west coast), I will be able to pick up packages on Wednesday, June 9th at this address. You should send them via USPS Priority Mail and make sure that they arrive by that date - if it arrives past that date I may not be able to get to it:

Shian Sung or Nicole Donnelly
c/o Hikertown
26803 W. Ave C-15
Lancaster, CA 93536

There is a Paypal button on the right side if you just want to paypal me some money. If you do, email or call/text me and let me know that you sent it so I can send the appropriate thanks. If you have a specific snack you want me to purchase with the money, let me know that as well ; ).

Our next pick-up will probably be at Kennedy Meadows or Mojave and I will keep this updated.

The trail has been fantastic. Last night we stayed on the second floor of a ski lodge (unused during the summer season) and enjoyed our best sunset of the night. We absolutely can't wait for the Steiner and Emily to join us and make this a real party! Kevin Lee is meeting us this weekend and will be slacking us through the reroute from the Station Fire detour so can't wait to have that happen as well. Then it's onwards to Kennedy Meadows and the snow-filled Sierras...

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