Wednesday, October 13, 2010

BR and Moosie finish the PCT!

Currently in Portland, OR and driving down the coast back to San Diego. What a journey - on October 11th our trail family (9 of us and the stories we could tell about the times we had together... much love to all of them) reached the border and finished the trail. Thanks to some serious trail magic from Lady LNT, we got picked up right at the Manning Park Lodge and driven back into the US. It's been a whirlwind since. Moosie and I have officially finished our thru-hikes, Mexico to Canada. Congratulations to Swiss Miss, Bigfoot and Grinder who finished with us. T-Bone, Steiner and Gangles now go south to Devil's Punchbowl and start the southern 400 mile stretch to finish theirs, which i'm sure will go fast and smooth. Hee-Haw and Bouie's spirit monkey joined us for the state of Washington and it was awesome to have him along.

Too many thoughts and not enough processing yet - ecstatic to be done and incredibly sad to be finished. Thanks to everyone and congratulations as well to all the thru-hikers who finished this year. Can't wait to see everyone at kick-off next year ;)


  1. You guys are awesome! Thanks again for keeping us updated the entire way. I really enjoyed following your progress from the comfort of my chair. All of us at A16 look forward to seeing you again in San Diego and hearing all about your PCT adventures. Take care driving home, for the highways are a lot crazier than the trails! -El Jefe

  2. Way to go! Look forward to hearing your voice on the phone again soon...

  3. Congrats to you both! What an amazing journey. Looking forward to hearing about the Tales of the PCT. Hmmm, sounds like a good book title, and maybe a movie?!?