Monday, August 9, 2010

Zero Day in Old Station, CA at the Heitman's

Today we took a somewhat unplanned but VERY relaxing zero at the Heitman's, one of the most well-known hiker hostels on the trail in Old Station, CA. It's been a fun stretch. Since our last major update, we've hit the Desolation Wilderness north of South Lake Tahoe and follows the Tahoe Rim Trail, then north across famous areas like Donner Pass. This stretch has mostly been marked by some incredible company.

We've been hiking on/off in a large group - we often would criss-cross and many of us would camp near or at the same places. El Presidente, Farmboy, Splints, Whiffle Chicken, Swiss Miss, T-Bone, Hiker X and Grinder were all usually near our group or hiking with our group, alternating depending on where people were resupplying. We also had 3 of Steiner's friends, Megan, Anna and Nick, come out to camp with us for two nights, which was a fantastic time. You can see pictures of all of these people and our guests in the new pictures I put up at:

Sobohobos Pictures

New pictures start here.

We hit two of the best hiker hostels on the trail in the Red Moose Cafe at Sierra City and the Heitman's in Old Station. The Red Moose Cafe is brand new and has free laundry, internet, camping in a converted restaurants for hikers only. They serve incredible breakfast and dinner at all you can eat portions. The Heitman's are more of the same. We also had a great stop at Chester, CA with Piper's Mom, another trail angel, and the most incredible hot pool spring and dinner at Drakesbad. Anyways, we're enjoying it because this is the most rich stretch of the trail in terms of trail angels/hostels/hot spring resorts.

If you haven't mailed something to Mt. Shasta yet, if it's not getting there by Friday do NOT send anything :).

We're looking forward to more good times and great hiking companions, not to mention just plain ol' enjoying nature and being out here. We're told there's some great stuff ahead and we can't wait to get there!

-Barrel Roll

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