Friday, August 27, 2010

Ashland, Oregon

We are in Ashland, Oregon and finally across the CA border! Unfortunately I can't upload pictures, the next time may be on Cascade Locks at the OR border and if not there, well, it may have to wait until after the trip. We are doing large miles now and still plan on approximately a Oct 15th or earlier finish. If the weather comes, it comes.

Our next official mail drop if you wanted to send something is at Cascade Locks. Please make sure any packages arrive by September 13th.

(hiker name)
c/o General Delivery
Cascade Locks, OR 97014

What can I say? The trail is going great, we are definitely feeling like we are in the stretch run now, two more states to. Less than 1,000 miles and approximately 6 weeks to do it. Thanks for keeping us in your thoughts and much love :). I'd write more but there is just too much to do in towns and we are heading out shortly.


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  1. Hey Shian & Nicole, I mean, Barrel Roll & Moosie! Angela is taking Moosie's new shoes to the post office right now. They are shipping via Priority Mail. I also added a "little something" to munch on. :oD
    So proud of both of you! Way to go!