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Please Mr. Postman, look and see if there’s a letter in your bag for me…

While hiking, we love to receive mail on the trail.  If you could see it in your heart to send us a postcard, letter or package, you would make our day.  

We will be in town every 3-7 days to pick up more food, which we will sometimes mail to ourselves at the local post office. Whenever we go to pick up a box we packed ourselves, it's like winning the freeze dried lottery.  And we can praise past Steiner and Gangles for having the genius foresight to include that box of butterscotch krimpets.  Or curse our past selves for having eaten all the butterscotch krimpets while we were making our maildrops in Philadelphia.

But even better than our food boxes, we love to hear from family and friends about all of the amazing things you're doing while we're hoboing our way across the country.  

If you’d like to send us mail, please address it to "[full legal name, not hiking name] c/o...", e.g.,

Emily McNabb
c/o General Delivery
87 Some Blvd. 
Somecity, MT 59343

Also write on the package, "Please hold for Continental Divide Trail Hiker, Approximate Pick-Up Date: [see expected arrival dates below]".  Please send mail first class so it can be forwarded onward, if we are unable to make a post office date.  

Our anticipated schedule will be:

Bonus list of things which remind me of picking up mail at the post office while thruhiking:
  • Any traditional gift giving occasion, e.g., birthday, bridal shower, Christmas
  • Valentine's Day in elementary school, the litmus test of popularity
  • Those paper bags you can buy at Cracker Barrel which cost $3 but have a $10 value of assorted goods
Don't you want to be a naughty Santa?

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  1. Great trip journal! Why didn't I think of the Steiner and crew faster? Duh....

    You are Some Hikers!