Friday, November 8, 2013

Day 143 - Deming

Back on the dirt road. Just a few more days left until we get to Mexico.

Stopped in at Blake's, a NM institution. Ordered the green chile cheese burger, the signature dish. It was too spicy for me. Plus, Sky, Gangles and I couldn't finish it. We are losing our thruhiker hunger.

Decided to take the afternoon off, and see Deming. Visited the St. Clair Winery, where we met the amazing sommelier Megan. She's a former art teacher, now full-time wine enabler, painter, mother. She specializes in oil paintings, still lifes with skulls. She gave us a tour through the red wines, and patiently and insightfully answered our questions. Neat woman. Fun afternoon.

Megan also warned us to be careful here; dangerous being this close to the border. Heard the same warning from a pair of border control guys we saw today. On high alert.

p.s., Thanks to Miriam and Sam for the awesome care package

Mileage: 16mi from dirt road to Deming

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  1. Look, Mom! I'm a sommelier! The cool kids said so! GREAT DAY.