Friday, November 1, 2013

Day 131-3 - Hiatus #2-4 Grand Canyon!

Wonderful visit to the Grand Canyon. Still guided by Nita's schematic, we spent three days at the GC: 1 day of oohing and aahing, 1 day hiking down, and 1 day hiking back up to the rim. We lucked out and were able to get a walk up permit, which extended our trip. But, honestly, when are we going to get the chance to camp at the bottom of the Grand Canyon?

We took the 7mi South Kaibab trail down to Bright Angel campground. We spent the afternoon taking a dip in the Colorado River, playing Bananagrams and sipping lemonade. The next morning, we climbed 9mi up the Bright Angel trail back to the rim, and drove back to Pie Town. In the spirit of the holidays, we had to pick up a couple of pumpkins to carve.

Wonderful hiatus from the trail. Ok, all business now, we have to get to Mexico. But thanks to Skarkle Cat for the adventure!

Mileage: 0
Pumpkins carved: 2

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