About us

(the sobohobos according to steiner)

Steiner grew up in Virginia, with thick glasses, a loving family, and a big pile of books.  One day, these dangerous books gave her the romantic notion to get out of the library and hike the Appalachian Trail, and she caught the long distance thruhiking bug.  As a reward for completing her MBA at the Philadelphia School of Executive Realness, she hiked the Pacific Crest Trail with the other sobohobos.  Successfully completing the Continental Divide Trail would be her triple crown and a life dream.  Boiled down to her essence, she is just a pair of glasses and a bout of public asian sleeping.  When not hiking the trail, she's gainfully employed as a management consultant based out of Philadelphia.  In every way, Gangles is her better half.
Gangles hails from the great state of Minnesota.  Her interests include cute hats, cheese and lakes.  (Two of those three interests are universal to every Minnesotan, try and guess which two). The Pacific Crest Trail was her first time sleeping outdoors ever, and the Continental Divide Trail will be her last time sleeping outdoors (or so she tells Steiner now). Gangles received her MBA in 2013 from the Philadelphia School of Executive Realness, and will begin work as a management consultant soon enough.  Oh, did I mention she has a math theorem?  Steiner is lucky to have her.  

Barrel "BR" Roll is the proud pater familias of the sobohobos, having coined the phrase on his 2005 AT thruike with Frogger.  He is a proud New Englander, yet speaks with paradoxically rhotic Mid-Atlantic diction. Always dashing, and especially so in full moustache, BR is known to some as the "Asian-American Cary Grant of long distance thruhiking".  He also sometimes inadvertently masquerades as Steiner's husband, since Asians always travel in married pairs.  If this were true, Steiner would be a lucky lady.  BR is a programmer by trade, and currently works a a prestigious outdoor and travel outfitter in San Diego. This will be his triple crown.

Moose "Moosie" Charmer is an artist, a fifth generation San Diegan, and a tall ships sailor.  She was heretofore unbeknownst to the general public as a trail ninja, but her secret is out (see attached photo for first ever documented evidence). Early pioneer of the hiking dress, this well known trail fashion plate has just completed her masters in art in NYC.  Recognized as a pioneer in the thruhiking community for her innovative approach to improving ROHA (returns on hitchhiking attempts), her handwritten "NOT AN AXE MURDERER" sign has quickly become a staple in every thruhiker's pack.  She is also just about the most amazing person Steiner has ever met.  

Swiss Miss is a  PhD candidate in History and educator.  A recipient of the coveted chili pepper from the ratemyprofessor.com site, she is also an accomplished athlete, a former D-1 basketball player.  She's quite tall, and is known to favor the shorter statured with side hugs only, reserving  front hugs for those whom she considers to be height peers.  A recent disappointment to her on the PCT was the realization that eating peanut butter and frosting (PB&F) sandwiches is detrimental to her long-term health, though oh so good for those long uphill climbs.  This will be Swiss' triple crown.

Very Fit is a man of mystery, known for his excellent physique.  He is also an educator, entrepreneur, and travels with Swiss Miss.    Secret talents include deep knowledge of teak wood, and ability to be the best pufferfish in the tank (see left).  He is the newest sobohobo, and a welcome addition to the team.

Bigfoot is engineer by training, and knows a lot about sonar. An accomplished autodidact, he is also a student of human movement by passion.  His annual talks at the ADZPCTKO on overuse injuries and long-distance hiking are always a hit.  Known for his fashion-forward style, he werqed the PCT in a tuxedo shirt (with a subdued placket) and very modest full-length skirt.  Born from midwest farming stock, raised in the desert sands of the middle east, and over-educated in Florida, he currently lives in Rhode Island, but is a man on the make.  This will be Bigfoot's triple crown.

Grinder, in 2013 NPV, is an engineer.  Currently enrolled in engineering school, he served the U.S. as a marine before hiking the Pacific Crest Trail where he met the sobohobos. In the backcountry, he is sometimes mistaken for a park ranger due to his always neat and clean experience.  A pyromaniac in the most positive sense of the word, he is a Promethean creator and stoker of end of the day campfires for the sobohobos.  His passion for the elements extend to water as well--he's the first in for a swim, the last out, and usually has all of the water noodles.  A good guy in every sense of the word, he's the heart of this crazy team.


  1. Good luck Kids. Off on a new adventure....have a ball.


    1. Thanks, Andrea. So nice to hear from you! PCT Mom indeed. Wouldn't have made it without you

  2. You guys all get chili peppers in my mind.

  3. You are the best Zach. How's your adventure coming?